From the Land of Busy…

I finally have made *some* progress in making the skirt.  Looking at it, it should all go together fairly easily.  I have all the peices cut out–which in my opinion is the most trying aspect of sewing.

And now for why it is taking me so long…

I have recently picked up and additional two jobs!  (YAY!)  I guess this calls for a bit about myself.  I am 23, living in Los Angeles, California.  My first job was as a Sales Associate at a jewelry store in Santa Clarita.  School started again, but due to work scheduling I am only able to take evening classes, and the the online registration was all funky so I only managed to snag two classes this semester.  Then a few weeks ago I stumbled upon a job as a Personal Assistant (up to two job, here).  I always thought that would be fun, but it turns out, it’s hard enough to live your own life, let alone someone else’s.  AND THEN I got a job as an Assistant for the Creative Producer of the LA Fetish Film Festival, and recently did work as a Wardrobe Assistant–there will be more on that as preparation for the festival continues (up to three jobs, here).  And then there is family.  I am a live-in caretaker for my 93 year-old grandmother, who thinks she is 36.  She can be quite the hand-fill at times.  This last week she’s been quite sick, so getting her to relax an stay in bed has been a trick and a half, and now I’ve been sick the last few days as well.

Thankfully (not for my pocket book) things have been slowing down quite a bit, and I can’t wait to finish this skirt and get started on the Challenge pattern.  If the skirt does not fit my mother (or if she does not want it ), it will be going to a school theater somewhere. Judging by what others have said, the Challenge slip pattern will fit with little to no alterations, so that is one I’ll keep.  One must always have plenty of underwear.


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